Established in 1992,
This is our humble beginnings.

The brothers of Brothers Lazer, Joel and Vince are proud to have built one of the most recognizable service companies/brand names in the region, Brothers Lazer Service.

In the early 90’s, we started re-manufacturing toner cartridges for what looked like an exciting new product in the small business market space with a bright future, laser printers.

As Vince tells it…Brothers Lazer started in our Fathers garage May 1992.

We, like many others in the industry, never could have predicted the impact and the blistering speed at which computer technology would explode onto the scene.

Brothers Lazer was perfectly positioned to go along for the ride. Over 25 years ago, we made a strategic decision to obtain Hewlett Packard authorizations for sales and repair. Our decision propelled the company to increased revenues and status in the tri-state region.

We continued to add other name brand equipment manufacturers to our arsenal and now carry thousands of products from the most reputable companies in the industry, new and refurbished.

As our Value Proposition states . . . . .

Brothers Lazer Service will strive to provide our customers with quality products, extraordinary
service and nationally competitive pricing.

Brothers Lazer Service currently occupies a 5,000 square foot building in Uniontown, Pa., about an hour’s drive from Pittsburgh.

Brothers Lazer Recently has also merged with Laser Supply and Design in Harrisburg, with Michael Souders as president of the region.

How We Help YOU!

Your company needs to be the best it can be and at Brothers Lazer we are focused on adding real business value to our clients. Many of our clients have selected us as their printer and multi-function system provider for many reasons. As we begin to work with different clients, they realize that we have many additional benefits.

Here are a few ways that you can benefit:


For the CFO: Consolidating your printer and multifunction devices can save your company more than you would think. We can help you reduce the number of payables with one invoice for printing equipment, supplies, and service. We can also help your company go green by using recycled printer cartridges, consuming less energy, and managing your print usage, all while saving you money.

For the User: While using our services, your business can improve in ways you would have never thought possible. You will now be able to streamline your business processes by integrating paper into digital workflows with new technologies. You can enhance communication within your company and with outside sources by using the tools that integrate paper, email, and network folders.