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Revolutionize the way technology works for you. We’ve partnered with HP to provide some of the world’s best technology to our clients. Your Local Print, Copy & IT Experts. Accelerate your business with our expertise & proven print, managed services & IT solutions.


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As a business technology provider, it’s essential for us to be able to provide our clients with products that we feel gives them the best chance of success.

Being partners with HP is the world’s largest computer manufacturer and has a long history of developing technology and distributing products that excel on all levels of business computing. With the full array of products aimed at providing businesses with every computing option, their company could possibly need, the team at Brothers Lazer is proud to be the top official HP dealer in the Florida area. We believe that with our consultants and HP computing solutions on your side, you have a superior team assisting your meet your company’s technology need.

What We Do

Brothers Lazer is a Managed print services specializing in the sales of office technology to take your business into the future.

We are also a service and parts provider for HP

Our client services optimize their print fleet, including printers, copiers,
HP computers, hardware and fax machines.

Managed IT Services: Get the strongest, most comprehensive print security in the industry

We infuse security into every aspect of HP Managed Print Services. We have expanded staff training and evolved our delivery processes to address the top security controls around device hardening, maintenance, data encryption, and built-in malware protection in our devices. Get better visibility to the security status of your fleet with expanded security reporting.
Let the professionals at Brothers Lazer manage security so you can focus on your core, your business.


Let the professionals at Brothers Lazer manage security so you can focus on your core, your business.

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) is an innovative print
management system that maximizes your current printing fleet
and helps you source the most efficient devices when it’s time
to replace your existing machines.
MPS is a proven solution designed to help your business
manage the documents flowing through your organization,
while minimizing the costs associated with your printing and
imaging devices.
In addition to cost savings, MPS will simplify your business by removing the burden of maintaining your printers, which allows your employees to focus on growing your business.

The Results are in:
10-30% Savings in Overall Costs
Proactive Maintenance and Supplies
Fulfillment of your entire Fleet
A Healthier, More Efficient Fleet
Reduction in IT Involvement with Printing

Single Funtion and Multi-funciontal Print, copy, scan, fax

Consolidating your printer and multifunction devices can save your company more than you would think. We can help you reduce the number of payables with one invoice for printing equipment, supplies, and service. We can also help your company go green by using recycled printer cartridges, consuming less energy, and managing your print usage, all while saving you money.



Dependable, cost-effective printers to meet your business needs.

It’s time you uncover cost-saving advantages.
Our comprehensive solution will actively monitor and maintain all print devices, determine which devices need repairs or replacing,and generate predictable monthly expenses for greater cost reduction.


Your company needs to be the best it can be and at Brothers Lazer we are focused on adding real business value to our clients. Many of our clients have selected us as their printer and multi-function system provider for many reasons. As we begin to work with different clients, they realize that we have many additional benefits.

Brothers Lazer Service helps businesses in Western Pennsylvania recognize and resolve areas within their organization that could benefit from better, more effective technology and processes to help improve workflows and increases efficiencies.
Your Organized, your happy and it Works. –

Vinnie Chisler

Founder, Brothers Lazer, Inc

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