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Print Management

Printing Costs

Office document expenses may be one of the last major opportunities for corporate cost reductions.

The Facts:

  • Color printer usage is growing by an average of 33% per year.
  • Office printing can account for 2% of a company’s annual revenues.
  • Companies that optimized their printing and infrastructure realize significant savings

A Smarter Way to Reduce Costs

The Brothers Lazer Print Management Program can help you control your printing costs by buying prints instead of printers, supplies, parts, and services. Learn more>>>

Complete Managed Services

Everything you need to control costs, improve the end user experience, and reduce the burden of printers on the IT department can be solved by consolidating your printer fleet.

Remote Monitoring: We can monitor the status of your printers, allowing us to proactively respond to service and supply needs.

Maintain Your Systems: We can help extend the lifecycle of your printer fleet by properly maintaining your systems, which can also improve print quality and reduce down time.

Restocking Supplies Automatically: We automatically restock your supplies; ensuring that your users are never without printer cartridges.

Device Refresh: We can help you to develop a plan to refresh your fleet of printers over time so that your fleet is always current.

Printer Supplies and Repair

With Brothers Lazer Services, we can supply your company with top of the line printer supplies and service.

Printer Supplies

Brothers Lazer can supply your company with many different supply options for your printer needs. Printers and Multifunction Systems play a critical role in most business processes. Printer supplies can be very expensive and some take a harsh toll on the environment. By using our printer supplies you can save money. By bundling service with our remanufactured cartridges, you will not have unexpected expenses that can be related to printer services.

Printer Repair

If your printer and multifunction devices are not functioning properly, or if they are out of supplies, your entire business can be negatively impacted. When your printer breaks, you can just simply call Brothers Lazer Services and we can take care of the rest. We can take your printer management to the next level by proactively managing your existing printer fleet

Printers and Multifunction Systems

Business processes depend on reliable document output devices. At Brothers Lazer Services we would like to take a different approach to your office equipment. We want to act strategically and ensure that your document output infrastructure is aligned with your corporate objectives.

Your Business Solutions:

Infrastructure Solutions: your document output infrastructure includes printers, copiers, faxes, scanners, and multifunction systems. At Brothers Lazer Systems we can help you develop a strategic approach to deploying the right systems in the right location. We can offer your business a variety of printers, multifunction systems, and scanners that can work in any office. Learn more

Management Solutions: Managing your printer fleet can be a hassle, but it can be made easier with practical printing solutions that can offer simpler printer management. Each of our clients has their own unique business requirements. We are happy to learn about your unique goals and see how our solutions can be integrated to improve your business. Learn more

Workflow Solutions: Documents drive business processes. When we can streamline the flow of information through our clients’ businesses, we are able to have a tremendous impact, helping increase profit, improve competitive advantage, enhance customer service, and tighten security. We can provide your business with a suite of workflow solutions that can enhance the value added by your fleet of multifunction systems and printers