(New) Helpdesk Service

Want quicker resolution to your IT problems?  Don’t want to wait for a technician to arrive?  At BLS we have your solution!

We are pleased to now offer Helpdesk Service to better serve your network troubleshooting needs.  We have flexible plans to meet your businesses work needs no matter how large or small your company is we can fit our solution into your everyday requirements.

Our helpdesk is tailored to fit your issues.  We provide a select group of our technicians to specifically get intimate with each businesses operations to better serve you in an efficient and swift manner.  Included in our packages are antivirus and malware protection, updates on your specific systems, chat function to talk with a technician live, and much more!

If you feel like you could benefit from something like this and save money on your IT costs, call us now!

Contact the Help Desk