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To Contact any of our team members   1-800-290-4444  or email below


Joel M. Chisler  President (PSU-Education)  joel@blstechnologies.com

Vincent P. Chisler V. President (USCG Vet)  vinnie@blstechnologies.com


BLS (HQT) Customer Service and support Team

Tiffany Ditmore  tif@blstechnologies.com

Denise Gregg  denise@blstechnologies.com

Laura Angelo  laura@blstechnologies.com


BLS (HQT) Service Dept. (West) Uniontown, PA

Robert Triola (Service Manager)  bob@blstechnologies.com

Tim Colbert  tim@blstechnologies.com

Ben Fortney  ben@blstechnologies.com


BLS Technologies     Technology Division




BLS (East) Hummelstown, PA

Michael Souders  michael@blstechnologies.com

Jeffery Sharp  jeff@blstechnologies.com

Marc Kalman  marc@blstechnologies.com


BLS (CreamPuff  pre-owned Copiers/ Furniture-new/scratch n dent Office Furniture)

Timmy Davidson  tdavidson@blstechnologies.com


BLS (South) Palm City, FL

David Greene  david@blstechnologies.com